Buy Top Soil in Frederick, MD

top soil frederick md

RELS Landscape Supply has one of the largest topsoil inventories in the Frederick, Maryland area. Our special mixes of Orgro and Leafgro® are excellent choices for your lawn and garden. We are the first step to a beautiful landscape! Please call to inquire about our double-screened topsoil and special mixes of fill dirt. We have the richest soils in the area; perfect for growing the lushest lawns and beautiful plants and trees.

Double-screened Topsoil

Regular topsoil is simply soil that has not been screened. While it is still good for planting purposes, it usually requires being raked after it is spread to remove stones and clumps.

Screened topsoil, on the other hand, is soil that has been sifted through. We double this process for our double-screened topsoil, thus making it that much easier for when the soil is spread for seeding and planting purposes. As the soil is sifted by topsoil screeners, large stones and clumps are removed, creating a great soil for garden beds. This double-screened process creates the best bedding soil for most planting situations as well as top dressing on lawns.

We also offer a compost and screened topsoil mix, composed of premium screened topsoil with Leafgro® or Orgro mixed in. Purchasing the compost and screened topsoil mix is great for establishing new bedding soil and raised beds for gardens – as this enriches the soil, making it perfect for garden topsoil.

Here’s a list of Top Soil that we offer at our Frederick, MD location:

•   Bulk Soils
•   Bagged Soils
•   Sod
•   Grass Seed

Contact us for more information, or stop by one of our facilities to speak with our knowledgeable experts, in all things landscaping!