3 Things to Consider When Adding Trees to Your Landscape

holes for tree planting
Trees can make for a beautiful addition to your landscape. However, before you start digging holes for your new trees, there are a few things you will want to consider. You want to make sure the tree has the best possible opportunity to thrive for years to come, so you don’t want to shortcut the planning process. Be sure to think this through, and then bring in your trees when the time is right.

Let’s take a look at three things you should consider when adding trees to your property.

#1 – Picking the Right Tree

This is where it all starts. What kind of trees do you want to have on your property? What purpose are they going to serve? You may want a specific type of tree because it offers privacy from your neighbors, or another type of tree because it provides shade for much of the yard. Fruit trees are another interesting option, as they tend to be quite pretty, and they can put off an enjoyable smell at the same time. Take some time to consider a variety of different types of trees which will be able to thrive in the local environment, and select those that seem to suit your needs most directly.

#2 – Find the Right Spot

Just like when planting flowers, you need to put plenty of thought into the planting of trees. You don’t want a tree to end up in the wrong place, as it is no easy feat to relocate it later on. Remember, your tree is going to develop a root system under the ground, and that root system may be rather large depending on the type of tree. So, you don’t want to plant your trees anywhere the roots may become a problem. For example, if you plant a tree too close to a sewer pipe, that pipe could be in danger due to the strength of the roots.

Also, you don’t want to plant large trees where they could one day pose a risk to your home, or even to cars in your driveway. The tree probably won’t look very menacing when first planted, but that can change quickly. If you expect this tree to grow to a significant size, you don’t want to have to worry about falling branches each time a storm kicks up.

#3 – Get Help from a Pro

Perhaps the best thing you can do when you want to add trees to your property is bring in a professional landscaper for assistance. An experienced pro will be able to talk with you about the various pros and cons of certain trees, and will also be able to provide advice on picking a location. Even if you already have a few ideas about this project, talking with a professional can help bring your plan into focus. Once you settle on both the types of trees you will use and the spot each tree will call home, you can put them in the ground and enjoy them for years to come.