A Beginner’s Guide to Hardscaping

stone patio with fire pit

Everyone knows what landscaping is, but what about hardscaping? The term refers to the elements of man-made/non-living outdoor design improvements. When you think of landscaping, you may envision trees or bushes. When envisioning hardscaping, consider things like walkways, fire pits, patios, and retaining walls.

Hardscaping and landscaping often go hand in hand when a homeowner is dreaming up their perfect yard. But what materials are used for hardscaping projects?

The answer will depend on what sort of project you’re undertaking. For example, brick is a common material that fits right in to most gardens. It’s useful if you’re creating a wall, and due to its versatility, it can even be used to create a lovely flowerbed.

We couldn’t mention bricks without bringing up fire pits, of course! They’re often the star of that backyard meeting place where you warm up and roast marshmallows with your loved ones. Though most brick is red, there are plenty of others color options available to fit your vision (and there’s always the option to paint them).

However, not everyone will opt for a custom-made brick pit. There are several prefab options available that utilize metal and concrete. Many of them use natural gas rather than having to rely on wood and lighter fluid.

Stone and pavers are materials that you use to create lovely patios, walkways, or paths. The natural look of flagstone or cobblestone ensures this feature won’t outshine other elements of your garden, and insteal will complement it nicely. Paved surfaces may not achieve this natural look quite as well, but they can still be beautiful, and they make for a smooth stroll through your garden.

Gravel or loose stone can also be used to make a pathway. This can be an inexpensive and beautiful choice, especially as these stones can shimmer and pick up the sun’s rays giving off a gorgeous shine.

Tile is another material option, and it’s not just for your bathroom or kitchen. A tile patio or outdoor tile accent wall can be a stunning addition to your property. Just think of how well it would accentuate your lovingly tended plants!

In short, there’s a huge range of options available to you when it comes time to turn your backyard into a sprawling paradise. Whether you want a secluded space to retreat or a dinner party destination, there’s a beautiful solution—you just have to know how to make it a reality. At RELS Landscaping, we know how to bring your landscaping dreams to fruition. Get in touch, and let’s dig in!