Tips For Safely Planting Around Your Home’s Foundation

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There’s much more to landscaping than just picking out what plant life you like and where to place them. Your home’s foundation must also be taken into consideration. With that being said, here are six tips to help guide you with safely planting and landscaping around your home’s foundation. Create Space Leave at least two […]

Five Winter Landscaping Preparation Tips

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In the wintertime here in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region, it is easy to forget about your landscaping. You have plenty of other things to do, and nothing is growing out there anyway, right? Well – it’s not quite that simple. Sure, winter isn’t exactly prime time for gardening and other landscaping activities, but you […]

Five Landscaping Tips for Hot, Summer Weather

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One of the biggest challenges you can face when trying to landscape your property is creating a design which can withstand a long, hot summer. Hot weather is the sworn enemy of many of the traditional landscaping elements used on residential properties. If you are going to make it through the warm season with your […]

10 Winter Gardening Tips

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The official start of winter is just weeks away, and for areas such as Maryland and Virginia in the mid-Atlantic region, it usually means that there won’t be much opportunity for gardening. One thing you can do, though, is to not neglect your garden by following these tips! Inspect gardening structures – the winter months […]