Child-Friendly Landscaping Ideas that Grown-Ups Will Also Enjoy

outdoor hardscape path
Generally speaking, kids love to play outside. And, of course, parents usually love to have kids playing outside, where they can burn off some of their excess energy before bedtime rolls around. As you design the landscaping on your property, it is a good idea to keep your children in mind. You want to have a space that they can enjoy safely, and also one which you can enjoy from an aesthetic perspective. In this article, we are going to offer up a few ideas which may be able to please both the kids and the adults in the family.

Designed Seating

While it can seem like your kids never stop running all day long, that probably isn’t the case. Even the most active little ones need to take a break from time to time, so designing some seating into your overall landscape plan is a great idea. Of course, adults enjoy taking a load off as well after a long day working in the garden, so this is a feature that can serve the whole family nicely. Don’t be surprised if the seating you include in your design becomes the most popular spot in the yard.

Water Features Can Work

It’s nearly certain that your children will be drawn to a water feature if you decide to include one in the design of your yard. Of course, when talking about water and kids, you need to make sure that safety is your top priority. With a water feature included in your landscape, you’ll need to be particularly sure to supervise the children at all times, and add any necessary safety measures. In addition to the fun that the kids get from looking at the water, the adults will likely find the sound of flowing water to be relaxing.

A Simple Garden

Sometimes, when it comes to kids, it’s best to keep it simple. With that in mind, consider working together with your child (depending on the age of the child, of course) to plant a simple garden somewhere within your landscape. If you allow the child to take ownership of the space, he or she may come to take great pride in watering the plants and watching them grow over the course of the year. There are many great lessons that can be taught here, and it is a great way to kids and adults to enjoy the outdoors together.

A Small Path

Kids love to go on an adventure, and following a hardscape path through some trees or plants can feel like an adventure to a small child. When you build your path, keep in mind that it can be both fun for the kids and functional for the adults at the same time. For example, if you have a specific spot on your property that needs to be accessed frequently, consider putting in a walkway so you don’t wear down the grass as you go to and from that spot.