Home Landscaping in 2019: Lighting, Ambiance, Conservation & More

hardscape with fire pit
Are you getting ready for a big landscaping project in 2019? Or maybe you are thinking about making some small but meaningful changes to the landscaping you already have in place? To find inspiration, you might want to look toward some of the exciting trends in this industry. By knowing what is hot in landscaping at the moment, you can pick out the right options to breathe new life into your property.

Time for Lights!

One of the ways you can upgrade your landscape with minimal investment of time or money is by adding lights. These days, you can turn to smart lights as a great way to illuminate the property at the right time of day while not wasting energy when the lights aren’t needed. Certain lighting systems can even be controlled by an app on your phone, taking convenience to a new level. Take some time to decide where lights would be most effective on your property and create an overall plan before purchasing equipment and getting started.

Turn Up the Heat

If you would like to spend more time out in your outdoor space after the sun goes down, consider adding a firepit. This is a great way to make your yard more appealing in the evening, and you can opt for a gas or wood-burning fire pit depending on your situation and preferences. Even in the summer, being able to go outside to sit around a firepit and chat with friends and family is a great way to unwind.

Thinking Inside the Box

When designing your outdoor space, you might actually want to look toward your interior space for inspiration. What does that mean? Simple – you are going to design your outdoor landscape in much the same way that the interior of your home was designed. For example, you have a kitchen in your home, and you might want to have one outside, as well. Or, you could mimic the environment of your living room outdoors, with seating around a table. Your final plan will have to be based on the space you have available, your personal preferences, and of course, your budget for the project.

Make It Last

Landscapes that require a lot of water and energy to maintain throughout the year are quickly losing favor in the modern world. As more and more people become conscious of the world around them and their impact on the environment, landscaping trends are turning toward ideas that can be sustained for the long run. That means not using too much water – especially in drought-prone areas – and keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Of course, there is nothing that is forcing you to follow any of the current trends in landscape design. You are certainly able to go your own direction here, but we hope the ideas above give you a good starting point for the plans you will put into action in the year ahead.