8 Backyard Landscaping Ideas Your Dog Will Love

dog in landscaped backyard
There is a lot to think about when planning a landscaping design for your backyard. While maintenance concerns and visual appeal will always be high on the list, don’t forget to consider your furry, four-legged friend. Adding landscaping elements that your dog will love is a great way to bring new life to an outdoor space.
Let’s take a look at eight exciting options.

#1 – Be Smart

There is plenty of room for fun when designing your landscaping with a dog in mind, but you want to start with practicality. How is your design going to keep the dog in the yard? Will there be placed that the dog can get stuck? Work your way through the design and make sure there aren’t any elements which will cause trouble for your pet.

#2 – Water

Water features are popular in landscaping designs, regardless of whether or not a puppy is in the picture. When you do have a dog, water is even more enticing as an idea, since it’s likely that your dog will enjoy taking a quick drink on those warm afternoons.

#3 – A Place to Hideout

Speaking of warm afternoons, be sure to give your dog a place to seek shelter when the temperatures rise. Trees offer great shade, of course, as does a doghouse. Be creative and find a way to provide valuable shade for your beloved pet.

#4 – Some Space

It’s easy to overdo it when completing a landscaping design. Sometimes, the best thing you can have for your dog is plenty of open space to run. Let your pup expend all of that extra energy and he or she should be better behaved when it’s time to come back inside.

#5 – Pick the Right Plants

Did you know that some plants are actually toxic to dogs? It’s true, so do your homework before filling out your garden with flowers, shrubs and other plants. Also, limit or avoid the use of chemicals in your maintenance processes to keep the space as pet-friendly as possible.

#6 – Materials are Important

You don’t want to pick landscaping materials which are going to be uncomfortable for your dog to walk on. Materials which get particularly hot during the day aren’t a great choice. Aim for materials that will be relatively soft under paw and which will not get tangled up in fur.

#7 – A Spot to Call Home

It’s a great idea to provide your dog with a specific spot that he or she can call home while outside. If you opt for a doghouse, that will naturally become home base for your pet. However, you can even use something like a flat spot near the lawn where you can leave some toys and water.

#8 – An Easy Path

Don’t make it too difficult for your dog to get around your backyard. With the use of a path that cuts through gardens and other areas, your dog will be able to move about freely, just like a human.