The Latest Landscaping & Garden Trends

outdoor dining area
On the surface, it might seem like landscaping and gardening don’t change much from year to year. After all, the basic concepts of putting plants in the right place to succeed, watering and fertilizing them appropriately, and staying ahead of the weeds are time-tested. However, even if the basics of landscaping and gardening are relatively constant, there are trends in this field just like anything else. New ideas come into the fold all the time, and some of them become quite popular.

If you feel like your gardening plan has become a little stale, you may wish to incorporate one or more of the trends below to bring a modern touch to your property.

Garden Walls

To make a statement in one specific part of your garden, consider the use of a garden wall. This is exactly as it sounds – it is a garden growing on a wall. Not only is this a creative way to give your landscape a unique look, but it also allows you to maximize the amount of planting you can do with the space you have available. Garden walls are particularly well-suited to vegetable or herb gardens. The exact design of the garden wall you add to your landscape will need to depend on the layout of your space and the look you wish to achieve.

Outdoor Dining Room

If you and your family love to eat outside during the nice part of the year, creating a specific outdoor dining room is a great way to encourage this habit. To help designate this space in the landscape as a dining room, you may want to use something like a pergola, quality outdoor dining furniture and perhaps a beautiful hardscape. This is a project which can get a bit pricey, but you don’t have to bust the budget if you want to keep things understated and modest.

Garden Retreats

Tired of the go-go-go pace of life that we all seem to lead these days? If so, try adding a garden retreat to your landscape for a place where you can go to take it easy and slow things down. The key to a quality garden retreat is privacy. It will need to be designed in such a way that it allows you to mostly shut off the outside world while you focus on yourself and getting the relaxation that you deserve from time to time.

Water Features

While it is not exactly a new idea to install a water feature as part of your landscape, this counts as a trend because it remains popular and beneficial for a number of reasons. Simply the noise of the running water can be soothing and enjoyable, not to mention the look of the water and how it can help to bring together the entire landscape. Even a small water feature can effectively serve as the centerpiece for an entire landscaping design plan. Water features can be designed in countless different ways, so come up with something that serves your needs and suits your tastes.