Outdoor Landscaping & Decorating Ideas For the Holidays

house with Christmas decorations
With Thanksgiving right around the corner here in the mid-Atlantic region, the official holiday season is near. Many households focus a lot of attention on interior decorations, but what about bringing the holiday spirit to the outdoor areas of your home as well? In addition to lights, homeowners can also add some wonderful décor to porches, patios and the overall landscaping.

In this piece, we’ll offer up some tips and tricks with these outdoor holiday decorating ideas!

One of the best ways to bring your holiday décor outside is to decorate around your home’s porches or patios. Potted poinsettias are always a great choice, but here are a few more great ideas!

1) Wreaths

You can create wreaths from many different types of material such as burlap, live garland, large Christmas ornaments, and more. You can hang them in a variety of places, including on doors, chimneys, or even on porch columns.

2) Garland

Doorways, ledges, porch posts, or mantels can be lined with garland. Remember those poinsettias we mentioned previously? You can add touches of their leaves as well as lights or ornaments to add even more cheer.

3) Flannel and Plaid

Flannel or plaid pillows and throws can be added as accents to your outdoor furniture. You can also tie plaid scarves around porch posts and mailboxes – even your front door knob! Other décor options include ribbon, burlap or any extra touches of the popular Christmas colors of green and red.

4) Pine Cones

To add an additional seasonal touch, pine cones can be added to decorative vases and containers. These types of decorations can be painted gold, white or silver and be mixed together to create a beautiful holiday arrangement!

Lastly, never forget that if you’re lucky enough to have a nice tree in your yard, you can always hang lights from it and do a little celebrating outside!