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RELS Landscaping Supply of Silver Spring, MD is proud to offer Leafgro® compost to Maryland businesses and residents. Leafgro® is a top quality compost used by landscaping companies and homeowners as a source of humus for soil improvement. Leafgro® is an excellent example of the benefits of recycling. The Maryland Environmental Service converts organic wastes such as leaves and grass clippings (that would have normally been disposed of in a landfill) into a valuable resource. Leafgro® is sold in both bag and bulk, so we’re sure to have just the right amount for your project!

The composting process starts in the fall season when leaves are collected and transferred to yard waste composting facilities. From there, they are placed in windrows. To accelerate the decomposition process, the rows are turned and shredded on a regular basis. When springtime arrives, grass clippings are added as the turning and shredding continues. After the composting process is complete, it is dried, screened, and sold under the registered trade name, Leafgro®. It’s made up primarily of grass clippings and leaves.

Leafgro® is perfect for planting trees and shrubs, establishing your lawn, or even reseeding it, bed preparation and it makes a great potting soil.

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Coming soon for bulk orders only! Call for availability.  

Leafgro® GOLD compost is made and marketed by the Maryland Environmental Service for Prince George’s County, MD and is available through RELS Landscaping’s location in Silver Spring, MD. Leafgro® GOLD is produced by composting a mixture of grass clippings, food scraps and leaves which have been diverted from regional landfills. The continuous composting process occurs at the Prince George’s County Organic Composting Facility. Once completed, the composted product is dried, screened and sold under theLeafgro® GOLD registered trade name.

Contact us for more information about Leafgro® or Leafgro® GOLD and how this fantastic product can benefit your landscaping projects.  You can also learn more about the Leafgro® product system here.