Ten Landscaping Mistakes People Make in the Fall/Winter Months

fallen leaves
You probably don’t think about your landscaping in the fall and winter nearly as much as you do in the spring and summer. After all, the weather is getting colder and you are going to be spending more time indoors over the coming months – so why worry about the landscaping? Well, the decisions you make this time of year will impact the condition of your landscaping when spring rolls back around, so you want to avoid costly mistakes as the growing season comes to a halt.

To give yourself the best chance to get off to a great start next spring, avoid making the following mistakes this fall and winter.

#1 – Failing to Water
This might seem like an obvious point, but it is a mistake that many people make when preparing for winter. Your plants need water to sustain life, even as the temperatures begin to drop. Unless they are getting enough water from the rain, remember to give them a drink from time to time to keep them health.

#2 – Using Cheap Mulch
Adding mulch to your garden is a great idea as winter approaches, but make sure you are using a quality product that will give your plants the nutrients they need.

#3 – Leaving the Leaves
You want to pick up all of the leaves that may collect on your grass during the fall before winter arrives in full force. Take some time to rake up all leaves that the trees have dropped and your grass will be able to breathe easier throughout the cold months.

#4 – Applying Weed Killer
Sprays that are designed to kill the weeds in your landscaping should only be applied in relatively mild or warm temperatures, so don’t put them to use when the thermometer is hovering around the freezing mark.

#5 – Ignoring Pests
You want to get ahead of any pest problems that you are having in the fall so those problems won’t be compounded when spring comes around and you are ready to start planting once again.

#6 – Missing the Sales
Since the planting season is mostly over for the year, there are likely going to be plenty of sales at your local home center. Take advantage of stocking up on some of the gardening supplies you will need for next year while the prices are down.

#7 – Cutting the Grass Too Short
You will stress your grass unnecessarily when you cut it too short right before winter arrives. It is a good idea to give it a fresh cut one last time before winter, but don’t set your mower too low to the ground.

#8 – Ignoring Final Manicuring
Things like aeration should be completed well in advance of the winter freeze so you can give your landscaping a chance to recover before temperatures get too low for growth to occur.

#9 – Using the Wrong Fertilizer
There are fertilizers on the market that are designed for all different times of year, so be sure to use one that is meant for the fall and winter season.

#10 – Get Started Early Next Year
This isn’t technically a tip for the fall or winter, but it is important nonetheless. Once the ground has thawed after winter is over, get started as quickly as possible on new planting to ensure a great start to the next growing season.