Ten Tips To Prepare Your Home’s Landscaping

front yard mulch

Warm weather has returned and it’s time for spring cleanup projects! Here is a great DIY guide featuring ten tips that will help prepare your landscaping around your home for the warmer months ahead!


– Most trees and shrubs will benefit from light pruning, so remove any damaged or dead branches.
– Trim your perennials. Most can be cut back to the base while others need to have some growth left behind. It is also a good time to remove any remaining weeds.
– Once these tasks are completed, give your bed a good raking. Not only will this remove any debris, it will also provide you with compost material.


– Edging landscape beds helps distinguish the landscape from the lawn by keeping the turf from growing into the mulch. The well-maintained, crisp look adds definition to your landscape.


– Just like humans, nutrition is important for plants as well! One to two inches of fresh compost around your plants can help them thrive, even through the dry, hot days.

Weed Control:

– Before installing fresh mulch in the spring, apply your weed control product to help prevent weeds from germinating. This can be done up to three times over the course of the summer.


– Similar to edging (mentioned above), mulch also helps define your landscape. Do not overdo it, though, as there should be no more than three inches of mulch throughout your bed. If there is existing mulch left over from the previous season, you may only need one to two inches.
– Prior to installing new mulch, make sure you remove the old so that you don’t exceed the three inch maximum. Too much mulch can lead to insects and disease and it also prevents the nitrogen in the soil from benefitting your plants.
– As a whole, mulch helps minimize weed growth, regulates ground temperature, and help with the soil’s moisture retention.


– With the temperatures at a comfortable level, spring is a great time for planting. Thanks to minimal stress from heat and drought, plants are able to adjust to their new environment.

Are you ready to put these tips to use? Get out there and see what beautiful space you can create!