Look Out for These Top 6 Landscaping Trends in 2022

pruned backyard landscape

Whether it’s using environmentally friendly materials in creating our landscaping or planting herbs and vegetables to cut down on produce costs at the grocery store, one thing is sure: our landscaping will be moving in a different direction this year than in previous years.

Here are the top 6 landscaping trends we predict for 2022:

1. Goodbye Strict Lines

In the past, landscaping was used as a way to separate parts of the yard or to create boundaries with a neighbor, but those days of the 6-foot box hedge may be over. Property owners are veering away from strict lines and boundaries, opting instead for softer lines and a less disciplined feel to their yards. This is done by laying less structured materials in the landscaping and using plantings with a softer, freer “feel.”  While some boundaries are always necessary, homeowners will be opting for using stone walkways and rounder plant choices to give the area a more open atmosphere.

2. Planting for Sustainability

Gardens are now being used for far more than simply showcasing pretty flowers. From balcony gardens to kitchen gardens, plantings are beginning to incorporate more and more herbs and vegetables. Part of this may be a fear of scarcity or high prices at the local produce aisle, but another larger part of the equation is the fulfillment of growing your own food, end-to-end.

3. Focus on Relaxation

If there’s one thing 2020 and 2021 taught us, it’s to make our personal living spaces as warm, inviting, and relaxing as possible. Property owners are leaning into the idea of outdoor living spaces, such as decks and firepits. Some hardier tropical plants are becoming part of these spaces, along with pergolas covered in greenery such as wisteria or grapevines.

4. Outdoor Kitchens

Move over, barbecue grills…the outdoor kitchen will be making a splash in 2022. Outdoor kitchens provide a cozy space for a get-together, or to just quietly enjoy the outdoors with your family. A lot of planning goes into creating these outdoor spaces, but in the end, they are well worth the time and effort. Surround your outdoor kitchen with herb and vegetable gardens, or hardy citrus trees.

5. Low Maintenance Gardening

A far more casual approach to gardening is gaining popularity across the US, with property owners letting nature take over. Using a property’s natural design is far easier than bullying it into submission with heavy machinery, and using the naturally occurring plants such as wildflowers, daisies, honeysuckle, and other indigenous species keeps an authentic feel to the garden. There are some areas you can experiment with by allowing “wilding,” or just letting a garden grow completely naturally without weeding out grasses.

6. Trading Plastic Furniture for Timeless Beauty

Once your dream outdoor space has been designed, how will you furnish it? Bulky and generic plastic furniture will be replaced with the classic look of iron, wood, and wicker. Some modern spaces will benefit from the comfort and ingenuity of built-in seating designs. Furniture cushions and accents will be straying from the traditional “blend in” approach and favoring bright colors and prints instead.

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