Tree Care & Maintenance Tips for the Fall

baby tree getting watered
Depending on how you feel about the summer heat here around Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region, you may be happy to see the fall season arrive – or you may be sad to see summer go. Either way, you will need to be sure to pay careful attention to the needs of your trees at this critical time of year. This summer had its share of hot days, and in the cases of super hot summers, your trees may be in a weakened state. In these instances, providing them with the right care in the fall is crucial. Giving all of your landscaping trees what they need during the autumn season will set them up to make it through winter with no problems.

The Basics

There are a number of simple things you can do during the fall months to give your trees the care they need. First, and perhaps most importantly, is to water them regularly. Plan on monitoring the water in the soil around your trees during the fall, and make sure to add supplemental water to whatever happens to fall from the sky. Like any other living organism, trees need water to remain healthy in the short and long term.

In addition to watering, mulching is another wise choice for tree care. Adding a layer of mulch around the base of the tree will help the soil below to retain moisture and stay at a moderate temperature. While adding mulch, take a close look at your tree to check for any dead wood which needs to be cut back. It is a good idea to cut back any dead spots on the tree before the winter storms come along to rip those pieces down to the ground.

Get Ready for Wind

Speaking of winter storms, any of your trees which have weak spots should be braced during the fall so they can have a good chance of making it through the winter unscathed. If you fail to brace your delicate or developing trees before a windstorm arrives, the entire tree may be lost as a result. Don’t wait until there is a storm in the forecast, either – get this work done in advance and rest easy when the wind comes in.

Think Ahead to Next Year

If you are going to add any trees to your landscape next year, consider adding them now instead. By planting in the fall, you can let the roots settle into your soil while it is cool and moist. Waiting until the spring is risky, as an early heat wave could make it difficult for the tree’s roots be ever become established in your ground. Also, any trees which you are thinking about having removed should come down during the fall months. If you leave these trees up during the winter, a storm could bring them down and they could do damage as they fall. Caring for your trees in the fall doesn’t have to be particularly complicated, but you do need to make sure they get the water, nutrients, and other care they need.