Enhance Your Garden: 10 Creative Ways to Use Landscaping Stones

landscaping stones being used as walls for a garden

Spring is here! Whether you’ve got a green thumb or are completely new to gardening, you can design a beautiful and highly functional outdoor space using landscaping stones.

Have you ever walked through a garden and noticed charming stone pathways? Did you stop for a minute and wonder how they would look outside your home? Perhaps you quickly dismissed the idea, thinking they were just ornamental and didn’t serve any practical purpose. Would it surprise you to learn that stone landscaping does more for your garden than simply making it look nice?

In addition to looking nice, landscaping with stone can help you control weeds and prevent soil erosion while retaining the ground’s moisture. It’s also easy to take care of! After all, you don’t even have to mow stones. Here are a few of the ways you can use stone landscaping elements in your garden.

Stone Pathways

It’s a snap to create pathways with stone landscaping, and you have plenty of styles to choose from, too! Do you prefer rustic cobblestones or sleek slate tiles? Whether you want a straight and orderly path or a wandering trail, your landscaping stones can be arranged to work perfectly with your garden’s overall design.

You can even add a touch of fun to your garden with some stepping stones! Whether you want smooth river rocks or rugged flagstones, these give you a safe and welcoming pathway that cuts through your garden.

Garden Borders and Edging

Your garden beds can have a polished look with stone borders and edging that’s used to define and separate different areas of planting. They can even be used as a barrier, preventing weeds from sprouting and competing with your plants for nutrients and water.

Rock Gardens

Combining texture and color, a carefully designed rock garden adds elements of interest while creating a habitat for different types of hardy plants. Strategically placing stones of varying shapes and sizes allows you to recreate the rugged beauty of natural rock. If you use them with plants capable of withstanding drought and add in some cascading vines, you’ll have a low-maintenance garden that you’ll love.

Retaining Walls

These stone walls can stop soil from eroding. They also add visual interest and architectural appeal to your garden, creating the perfect place to display your favorite plants and flowers. You can vary the height of different parts of your wall to increase its visual interest, and you can even build places for seating into your wall.

Water Features

You can have a peaceful space with soothing sounds coming from water features. Stones, rocks, and pebbles can all be used to make a substitute for natural streams or riverbeds. This improves water circulation and creates habitats for aquatic plants. You can even use stone to create your very own waterfall! Sit back and relax as the stress of the day drifts away. 

Accent Pieces

You can take your garden’s design to the next level simply by adding a few accent pieces that are made from landscaping stones. These can include stones used to create areas of interest and start conversations. You can be creative and let your imagination run wild as you find ways to use stone in your outdoor seating areas, fire pits, and more.

Mulch Alternatives

Tired of constantly replenishing your garden bed’s mulch? Maybe it’s time to use landscaping stones instead. They’re low-maintenance and they conserve moisture and suppress weeds while helping your garden look beautiful. With many different colors and sizes to choose from, you’re bound to find something you love.

Raised Beds

Stone planting beds improve soil drainage and aeration. If you build it high enough, you won’t have to bend as much, making gardening easier on your back. Here are some instructions to show you how you can build your own raised planting and flower beds.

Garden Ornaments and Features

Did you know decorative stones can be used to enhance outdoor features including your benches and birdbaths? Go ahead and Let your imagination shine with custom garden ornaments and features with decorative landscaping stone. Some people even buy decorative stones to create elegant sculptures. Beautiful stones can elevate the one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll always treasure.

Start Today

From practical stone pathways to decorative rocks used in accent pieces, it’s easy to incorporate stones into your garden. So why wait? Reach out to RELS Landscaping today and we’ll help you transform your garden!