Expected Landscaping Trends for 2024

landscaping trend of a large outdoor patio that seamlessly integrates with a residential home

As we step into a new year, landscaping trends are transcending mere visual appeal. They make our outdoor spaces more sustainable, tech-savvy, comfortable, and personalized.


Today we focus on sustainable practices that respect the environment. Expect to see gardens adorned with native plants and drought-resistant species, chosen not only for their beauty but also their ability to thrive in challenging conditions. At the same time, water conservation techniques will likely become the norm, emphasizing the importance of preserving our precious resources.

Tech Integration

Technology is leaving its mark by bringing innovation to our green spaces. Smart irrigation systems are gaining popularity, providing optimal water usage and reducing waste. Today’s innovative garden design apps also allow users to design and visualize how their landscaping ideas will look in real life. Meanwhile, automation is expected to become even more commonplace. Expect to see chores being performed by machines such as robotic lawnmowers. These will make cutting your grass a breeze and give you more time to be outside in your personal oasis.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Today’s outdoor spaces are a continuation of our living spaces, and multifunctionality is expected to take center stage. These spaces aren’t just for show but are used for enjoying life. Here, comfortable seating, entertainment areas, and backyard kitchens shine. The lines between indoor and outdoor living may blur, creating seamless transitions between your living room and patio.

Artistic Elements 

Gardens are becoming galleries as the fusion of art and nature takes center stage. Creativity is bursting forward with landscaping materials such as sculptures, mosaics, and other artistic features. Imagine using plants and flowers to create a personalized, artistic haven reflecting your unique style and taste. At RELS, we believe in turning gardens into visually stimulating, special spaces.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

In 2024, landscaping is set to adapt to our busy lifestyles. Low-maintenance gardens are on the rise, featuring durable and hardy plant varieties including cacti, petunias, and rose of Sharon. You can say “goodbye” to endless hours of pruning and weeding because the future is all about smart, time-saving solutions giving stunning results.

Looking Ahead

As we embrace the anticipated landscaping trends of 2024, the focus on sustainability, technology, and personalization is redefining our outdoor spaces. At RELS, we’re your expert landscaping suppliers. So, go ahead and dust off your gardening gloves, and get in touch with us.