Gardening and Landscaping Trends to Track for 2023

landscaped garden with stone wall

Garden enthusiasts spend the winter months scrolling through the websites of their favorite landscaping companies for inspiration. While the classic types of garden design and traditional plantings never go out of style, many gardeners are embracing new trends to bring their visions for their outdoor spaces to life.

More and more gardeners are interested in creating more hospitable environments for bees, birds, butterflies, and other pollinators within their plantings. Some are looking to develop a serene space using fragrant flowers and night bloomers in which to relax. Others simply wish to create a practical but beautiful space in which to entertain guests.

We call this landscaping trend for 2023 “customized gardening.” Now is the time to think about how you plan to use your outdoor spaces so RELS can help you create the garden of your dreams come spring.

Here are five types of customized gardens we’ve helped our customers develop in their own backyards.

1. Serene Oasis

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers, not only about how they want their gardens to feel but also how they plan to use them. We’ve determined that one important reason people devote time and resources to their gardens and yards is to create a beautiful but practical space where they can unwind. Create the feeling of a luxurious resort in your own backyard by working in some tropical varieties and accenting your garden with grasses that catch the breeze and provide vertical interest. Add to the lush vibe by bringing your houseplants outdoors when the weather permits.

2. Natural Minimalist

Simple doesn’t mean boring. Choosing natural materials like clay, stone, and wood creates a soothing, “no-frills” aesthetic that invites serenity. Unique conifers fit in beautifully with the aesthetic of this minimalist landscape. This garden aesthetic is a great backdrop for outdoor areas that extend your indoor living space and create the perfect atmosphere for gatherings.

3. The Pollinator

This gardening trend for 2023 creates a beautiful space while providing an abundant habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Relying on herbs, trees, and shrubs mixed in with edible plants will provide food for your family as well as the small creatures whose natural habitats are quickly vanishing.

4. Upscale Cottage

One of the most popular gardening trends for 2023 riffs on the traditional cottage garden. Classic plants like hydrangeas, roses, and lilacs still abound in this new twist on the cottage garden design, but a more systematic color palette that employs romantic colors have replaced the riotous rainbow of shades found in a more traditional planting. New accents like brick or stone pathways, bird baths, and stone planters have replaced the more romantic cottage garden features (think white picket fencing).

5. Structural Simplicity

This relies on repeat forms and strong verticals to create a striking visual impact. Inspired by some of the grand estates of eastern Europe, this unique trend features structural plantings including hedges and topiaries punctuated with several traditional flowering shrubs. A limited color palette—such as dark green and cream—helps to create the elegant vibe for this type of garden.

At RELS, we understand that gardening is one of the many ways human beings connect with the earth and express themselves. Whether it’s the wild, slightly overgrown vibe of the Pollinator or the elegant, formal aesthetic of the Structurally Simple garden that most appeals to you, we encourage you to talk to one of us as you begin to visualize your garden and plan for Spring. We can help you ensure that the plants you love are climate appropriate for where you live, and that they will tolerate the sun exposure in your garden. Making sure your choices fall within the USDA Hardiness zone guidelines gives your garden the best chance to thrive for years to come.