Buy Annuals & Perennials in Frederick, MD

buy Annuals and Perennials


Most landscaped properties and gardens in and around areas such as Frederick and Hagerstown, MD as well as Martinsburg, WV include beautiful plantings of annuals. From spring to early fall, these beautiful plants and flowers bring color to any landscape.

For beginner gardeners, annuals are one of the best choices of flowers to start with. They grow quickly with little maintenance, leaving beautiful results. Annuals can thrive in both small and large spaces and they can also be planted in an existing garden to add a welcome splash of color. Another perk of annuals is that they can be planted in a variety of places, including containers, garden beds or even hanging baskets.

At RELS, we have a wide variety of annuals and our expert flower professionals can help you choose the best types for your landscaping needs. To find the best match of annuals for your needs here in the Maryland and West Virginia areas, please call one of our flower professionals so we can assist you in finding what you are looking for!


Perennials are popular flower choices of gardeners in and around Maryland and eastern West Virginia. As a relatively low maintenance plant, perennials can years of beauty to gardeners across the region. Perennials provide beautiful blooms for a few weeks to a few months as they cycle through the seasons. Once the flowers die, the plants continue to provide texture and greenery to your garden.

When winter arrives, perennials retreat to their roots.

When spring comes back around, these plants reappear and bring life and excitement to the beginning of a new season. Given the nature of the plants, perennials are excellent at giving a garden structure over time. When coupled with annual flowers, they can help provide a diverse layout for your landscape.

At RELS, we have a great selection of perennials and our flower experts can help you choose the best types for your landscaping needs – whether you’re in Frederick, MD, Hagerstown, MD, Martinsburg, WV, or anywhere in between. Our experienced staff can help select the best plants for your garden or landscape – so call us or come by and see us today!