How to Care for Perennials in the Summer Months

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All winter, you waited. Through the cold, you waited. Through the snow, through the ice, you waited. Then, finally, it happened. Spring! A breath of sun warming your heart and finally getting you to venture outside and into the garden. That garden looked beautiful, too…for about a week. Without warning, Maryland did its seasonal thing […]

How to Protect Your Yard & Garden Against Summer Storms

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For many of us, there’s nothing quite like a summer thunderstorm, especially if it’s a short and harmless one we can watch while tucked away safely inside. But what about the not quite so harmless ones? Lightning, torrential downpours with flooding, wind gusts, and hail will cause extensive damage to your property. How do you […]

When Should You Remove Winter Mulch From Perennials?

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In many regions of the country, tucking your perennials in for the long, cold winter requires the spreading of a protective blanket of mulch. Doing this will help your plants resist the temptation to wake up during premature warming periods and put out growth that will only be damaged when cold weather returns. An insulating […]

How to Build a Rain Garden for Catching Rainwater

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If you’re concerned that the run-off from rainstorms and snowmelt coming off of your rooftops, patios, and driveways will cause localized flooding, standing water issues, or soil erosion in your carefully designed and maintained landscape, take heart. There’s a low-tech, organic way to control these potential problems that won’t take much time or cost a […]