Trending Patio Materials for 2020

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Enhancing your outdoor living space will add functionality and value to your home. Steps, pathways, retaining walls, and patios— all known as “hardscapes”— add dimension, texture, and “curb appeal” to houses of all kinds. Adding a patio is an especially good choice for enhancing your outdoor living space. The material you choose for your patio […]

How Much Topsoil Do You Need for a Great Garden?

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There are a number of components that need to come together to produce a great garden. For instance, you need to start with the right plants, you need to feed those plants properly, and you obviously need to water them at an appropriate rate. In addition to those basics, you’ll also want to make sure […]

Summer Landscaping Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

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Summer is the time of year when your landscaping can really shine. In many ways, the work you do during the rest of the year is all meant to have your property looking its best during those warm summer evenings spent out on the deck or patio. With that said, you can’t exactly take summer […]

The Best Ways to Save Water in Your Landscaping

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It’s never a good thing to waste water. While your landscape almost certainly needs at least a little water to thrive, you don’t want to use any more than is necessary. Our natural resources are limited and using those resources in a responsible manner is an obligation we all share. Fortunately, there are plenty of […]

Tips For Safely Planting Around Your Home’s Foundation

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There’s much more to landscaping than just picking out what plant life you like and where to place them. Your home’s foundation must also be taken into consideration. With that being said, here are six tips to help guide you with safely planting and landscaping around your home’s foundation. Create Space Leave at least two […]