How To Prepare Your Home Landscaping For Fall

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The start of school this year may not have been surrounded by the usual end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall fanfare, but signs that the seasons are advancing in their usual inexorable way are still upon us. Mid-Atlantic mornings are becoming cooler, and big box stores are breaking out the “Happy Fall, Y’All” knickknacks. And if you’re a gardener, you […]

Protect Your Garden from Summer Storms

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“Chance of late afternoon thunderstorms” is a part of nearly every meteorologist’s forecast between May and October. Even on the sunniest summer day, the possibility exists for dark clouds, high winds, pounding rain—even hail—when the right combination of cool and warm air, humidity, and other triggers are present. Humans and pets can take cover indoors, […]

Late Summer Flower Garden Care

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Gardeners are known to pore over seed catalogues and websites during the long winter—planning and plotting their garden’s layout and plantings. In most areas, April and May are the months when we condition the soil, dig, plant, fertilize, and water—with fingers crossed. June is the time of hoping and enjoying, as new growth springs from […]

Get Gardening While Social Distancing

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Just three months ago, very few people had ever heard of the phrase “social distancing.” Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single adult anywhere in the world who is unfamiliar with the term or its meaning. As the pandemic continues, social distancing is recognized as one of the most important things we can do […]

How To Use Stone Pavers To Build Steps

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Adding stairs to your outdoor landscape is a relatively simple way to add interest, texture, and value to your home. Don’t consider yourself especially handy? Modular pavers will be your secret ingredient! Modular pavers are an extremely versatile, cost-effective material for building outdoor patios, pathways and stairs. With basic tools and a general understanding of […]

Trending Patio Materials for 2020

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Enhancing your outdoor living space will add functionality and value to your home. Steps, pathways, retaining walls, and patios— all known as “hardscapes”— add dimension, texture, and “curb appeal” to houses of all kinds. Adding a patio is an especially good choice for enhancing your outdoor living space. The material you choose for your patio […]