Spring Lawn & Landscape Care: A Helpful Guide

mulch and plant bed
Landscaping is a job that is never done. Even though it seems like summer just ended a few days ago, winter is already over and spring is in full swing. Now that the warmer weather is returning, you should have a plan in place for your lawn and landscape care. Whether you love to care for your property or you view it as a vile chore, it needs to be done either way. Fortunately, a good plan and the right equipment can make this task relatively simple to complete.

Below is a list of five tips that you can use to get your landscaping off to a great start this spring.

#1 – Fertilize Early
After a cold winter, your lawn is likely going to need some food in order to get started properly. Using a fertilizer that is designed for use during the spring season is a smart choice, so head to your local home and garden center to find an appropriate product. Spreading fertilizer around your lawn is a quick and easy job – especially if you own a spreader that is specifically designed for the task.

#2 – A Thorough Weeding
This is the job that no one wants to tackle. Yes – you are going to need to give your lawn and other landscaped areas a good weeding to start off the year. Most likely, you will have had a number of weeds make their way up through the soil in the early part of the spring, and getting to them now will make sure the problem doesn’t get out of control later on. Also, after you pull the weeds you can apply a weed control agent to protect against their return. The battle against weeds is one that is never going to be over, but give yourself a leg up by getting started early.

#3 – Fresh Mulch for Beds

Mulch has countless benefits for your plants and planting areas, and spring is a great time to add a fresh layer. Aim for about an inch of fresh mulch when you spread it around, but you don’t need to be exact with that measurement. The important thing is that you spread the mulch around relatively evenly so that all of your beds can benefit from its presence.

#4 – Check On Your Sprinklers

If you have a sprinkler system in place around your property, now is the time to make sure it is working. The freezing temperatures that are common during winter nights can wreak havoc on your sprinkler system, so run a thorough test to make sure everything survived the off season. If you do find signs of trouble within your system, make sure to address those issues as quickly as possible. A leak in the line could lead to major damage if the water happens to collect in the wrong spot.

#5 – Evaluate Each Plant
Speaking of surviving the winter season, there is a chance that some of your plants may not have made it through in good condition. Go around your yard one plant at a time to evaluate their condition and take action as necessary. Some of the plants that are in rough shape may just need to be pruned back in order to kick start them for a new season, while others might need to be taken out and replaced entirely.

It is easy to put off spring lawn care chores, but the work is only going to get more difficult the longer you wait. Get started as soon as the spring weather has settled in and you can look forward to a long summer of beautiful grounds around your home.