Get Gardening While Social Distancing

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Just three months ago, very few people had ever heard of the phrase “social distancing.” Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single adult anywhere in the world who is unfamiliar with the term or its meaning. As the pandemic continues, social distancing is recognized as one of the most important things we can do […]

The Latest Landscaping & Garden Trends

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On the surface, it might seem like landscaping and gardening don’t change much from year to year. After all, the basic concepts of putting plants in the right place to succeed, watering and fertilizing them appropriately, and staying ahead of the weeds are time-tested. However, even if the basics of landscaping and gardening are relatively […]

Wonder Bags & Spring Mulch Savings

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The official start of spring is about one month away, and we will have some great specials to get you on your way with your next landscaping project! For starters, customers can use our self-filling WONDER BAGS for only $15! Once you are a proud owner of this handy dandy Wonder Bag, you can fill […]

Colored SoftJAM Playgound Mulch Makes For a Safe Surface

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Produced locally in Maryland at our production facility, SoftJAM playground mulch is approved by the IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association). The first of its kind in the United States, SoftJAM playground mulch boasts many advantages. Designed first and foremost with safety in mind, the mulch is also visually appealing, coming in a variety of […]

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Sherwood High School Mulch Fundraiser

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Each spring, RELS Landscaping helps the Warrior Club of Sherwood High School host a mulch sale to raise funds to support the school’s athletic program. Each athletic team is then tasked with joining a delivery or sales crew for the day. For programs like these, RELS sells bags of hardwood mulch to the high school […]