Fall Commercial Landscaping Tips You Should Know

commercial landscape with a need for fall comercial landscaping

As the air turns crisp and leaves crinkle under our feet, businesses need to focus on fall commercial landscaping. Here are some essential tips and techniques to help you keep your grounds inviting and beautiful throughout the season.

Key Tips

While fallen leaves may be colorful, too many of them can cause a slipping hazard. You’ll want to either rake them or use leaf blowers to remove them. Alternatively, you could turn them into valuable compost for next spring’s garden.

This is also a good time to trim your shrubs and trees. This pruning helps to remove dead or diseased branches, preventing problems in the winter months. It also encourages healthy growth in the spring. Be careful not to over-prune, though! Some plants benefit from having just a bit of extra insulation when it’s cold.

To keep your grass lush and healthy, consider lawn aeration, perforating the soil with small holes. This allows air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the ground deeply. Then, overseed to fill in bare patches promoting denser grass growth. This combination will give your lawn a head start when warmer temperatures return.

Plant Care

Fertilize one more time a few weeks before the first frost arrives. During the winter months, monitor the weather and protect sensitive plants if a frost is expected.

Mulching isn’t just for spring and summer. In the fall, adding a layer around your plants can help control the soil’s temperature, retain moisture, and deter weeds. It also provides a protective blanket around your plant’s roots during the colder months.

Adjust Watering Schedules

As the weather cools down, your plants need less water. So, don’t forget to adjust accordingly. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast, especially as winter approaches. When frost is expected, water your plants in the evening to keep the ground warmer and help protect them from frigid temperatures. You can also cover more delicate plants with blankets or a frost cloth for an extra layer of protection. Avoid using plastic, however, as it traps moisture and doesn’t allow air to circulate.

Equipment Maintenance

Don’t forget to take care of your landscaping tools! Clean and properly store your equipment before the winter chill sets in. This will prolong their lifespan and make sure they’re ready to go when it gets warm again.

Give your irrigation system a thorough checkup before winter hits. Make sure there are no leaks or damaged components, as these issues can worsen during the cold season and lead to costly repairs in the spring. You will also need to remove any water from the system to prevent it from freezing and causing substantial damage. 

Ready for Spring

Following these fall commercial landscaping tips will set the stage for a successful and beautiful spring ahead. Embrace the beauty of fall with the help of these essential practices. Your property and customers will thank you! If you need more information, RELS Landscaping Supply is happy to help. Reach out to us today!