Landscape Design Ideas for Large Backyards

large landscaped yard
A large backyard is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, having a large backyard gives you the opportunity to include plenty of great features without feeling like you are squeezed for space. Of course, on the downside, you have a lot of space to plan, and then a lot of space to care for when the landscape is complete. If you are in the process of planning out a design for your big backyard, the ideas below may help.

Balance is Your Friend

Most likely, you are going to want to include a variety of elements in your large yard plan. With that in mind, part of your thinking needs to be focused on how to balance things out, so you have the right amount of each element. For instance, including too much garden space and not enough lawn could leave you with a ton of work to do, as the garden is more time intensive than the lawn. Also, you will probably want some hard surfaces for people to spend time on, such as a patio or deck. Take the big picture into consideration and come up with a plan that balances the various elements nicely.

Consider the Kids

If you have kids, or maybe grandkids who will be visiting often, you will want to keep them in mind while working on your plan. It’s natural that the kids will want to play out in the yard, so you will want to design a space that is kid-friendly and will allow them to have a safe and enjoyable time. Perhaps you’ll decide to dedicate a portion of the yard for kid toys and maybe even a sandbox, or you might decide to skip installing a pond out of safety concerns.

An Outdoor Kitchen

With a big backyard, you’ll have the room necessary to build an outdoor kitchen, if you so choose. These are popular features, but only opt for this element if you feel that it will actually be used. If you’d prefer to cook inside even with the outdoor kitchen available, it doesn’t make much sense to put one in. In other words, don’t just add elements because they are popular or trendy – think about your lifestyle and include only the things you will use and enjoy.

A Focal Point

To bring your design together, you might want to include one specific piece that is naturally going to draw the attention of anyone who walks into the backyard. Maybe that is something man-made like a sculpture, or maybe it’s a large tree that you leave in place and work around to finish the landscape.

Get Professional Help

Perhaps the best idea of all is to have a landscaping professional help you with this task. It’s hard to design a big outdoor space, and it’s particularly difficult if you have never done it before. With the help of a pro, you can explain what various elements you’d like to have included, and the landscaper can offer guidance on how to make it all happen.