Seven Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

front yard mulch bed
Despite what some people may believe, landscaping does not need to be complicated. You don’t need a magical ‘green thumb’ in order to successfully care for your plants – anyone can do it. You do, however, need to follow a few basic rules to make sure your grounds look great. Below you will find a list of seven landscaping mistakes which need to be avoided. Steer clear of these errors and look forward to beautiful landscaping throughout the growing season.

#1 – Ignoring Pest Problems

Unwanted pests can quickly destroy all of the hard work you have put into your landscaping efforts. If you notice signs – even small signs – of a pest problem, quickly take action to avoid a larger issue. Most likely, your pest problems are not going to go away on their own.

#2 – Failing to Water

Okay – so this is a pretty obvious point, but it needs to be on the list anyway. If you fail to water your plants on a consistent basis, especially when hot summer weather arrives, they are going to die off in short order. Plants are living things, and just like all other living things, they require water to remain healthy.

#3 – Getting a Late Start

If you are going to add some new plants to your garden in the spring, be sure to get them in as soon as the weather allows. Summer can be tough on new plants, especially if they have only been in the ground for a short period of time. By planting early, you can give your plants plenty of time to establish their roots before they have to tolerate the summer heat.

#4 – Using Poor Mulch

Most gardeners are aware of the importance of using mulch, but many fail to understand that using the best mulch matters just as much as using it in the first place. Poor mulch is usually more trouble than it is worth, so spending extra money on a better product will be your best bet in the long run.

#5 – Loving Your Lawn to Death

You should be giving your lawn plenty of attention to keep it healthy all summer long – but too much attention can actually be a bad thing. Depending on the type of grass you have used for your lawn, it may not need as much care as you are giving it each week. Study up on your type of grass and stick to a schedule which is most likely to leave it in beautiful condition.

#6 – Leaving the Leaves

When your yard is covered with leaves at the end of the growing season, it is tempting to just leave them there to rot. After all, who likes to rake leaves? While it might not be the most fun you can have in your yard, cleaning up fallen leaves is an important task. When leaves are left to cover your grass, they can cause mold and other issues which just may destroy – or severely damage – your lawn.

#7 – Missing Equipment

While you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into gear just to care for your property, you do need a few basic tools and supplies to make your grounds look great. Fall is a smart time to shop for this kind of equipment as it will often be on sale as stores are clearing out for the next season.