Stylish Landscaping Design Trends To Watch For in 2021 – Part 2 of 2

bee-friendly garden
From bee-friendly plantings to trendy water features, what’s hot in landscaping for 2021 covers a wide variety of looks, addresses environmental concerns, and even incorporates some “smart technology” tools we’re not used to seeing outside our homes and office buildings.

Those who are interested in adding some 2021 flair to their gardens have plenty of trends to examine, including:

Bee-Friendly Gardens

The bee population is in trouble. Although a steady loss in the number of bee colonies worldwide has been reported over the last few years, the bee mortality rate is especially worrisome in the United States. Normally during the winter, about 10% of the bee population will die. However, since the harsh winter of 2006–2007, the mortality rate in the US rose to 30–35 percent. Some American beekeepers even reported a death toll of 9 percent, prompting many gardeners to wonder if there wasn’t something more they could do to protect the apis mellifera.

Gardens that incorporate a wide variety of bee-friendly plants and which use pesticides sparingly are a good start in providing respite for the endangered bee. Bee-friendly nesting boxes also help create safe havens for them and other beneficial insects.

Herbal Spirals

Raised beds will continue to be a design factor again in 2021. A new twist, literally, on the traditional raised bed is the so-called herb spiral. Suitable for small gardens, the herb spiral allows for a more ergonomic gardening posture that puts less strain on the back and knees. An herb spiral also provides herbs with different exposure needs. How much light the plant receives depends on where you plant it on the spiral. Clever, right?

Decorative Fences

Robert Frost said “good fences make good neighbors” but in 2021’s gardens, they’re good for much more than that. In addition to marking property boundaries, a well placed fence provides an effective infrastructure for building vertical interest in your garden. Think climbing roses, ivy, clematis, and wisteria.

Water Gardens

The sight and sound of waters is eminently soothing to living creatures, explaining why integrating ponds, streams, and fountains is an increasingly popular trend in 2021 gardens. Small mammals, birds, and insects are always grateful for the presence of water features in a green oasis.

Smart Gardens

Technology will never replace digging in the good earth of a backyard garden, but 2021 is bringing with it some interesting gizmos and gadgets that might take some of the more mundane chores off the gardeners’ hands. Thanks to smart technology, watering and mowing can be controlled via garden apps at the push of a button.

Gardening is one of those pastimes that may be enhanced by the latest trends and technology, but at its core, it will always be a timeless venture that adds beauty and richness to our world, without regard for what’s hot and what’s not!