How to Plant & Maintain Your Shrubs

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It is easy to overlook shrubs as part of your overall landscaping strategy. Sure, they play an important role in many designs, but they tend to be forgotten as homeowners pay more attention to their lawn and the flowers. Of course, if your shrubs are going to thrive and play the role in your landscape […]

How to Prepare Perennials for Winter

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The big advantage to planting perennials in your garden is that you will not need to plant them again next year. With the ability to live through the winter weather and come back again next spring, perennial flowers are loved for their durability and consistency. However, you do need to take some steps in order […]

The Difference Between Annuals & Perennials

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Flowers can add tremendous appeal to any landscape. Even if you have a relatively ‘boring’ property, you can quickly spruce it up through the addition of just a few beautiful flowers. But which flowers should you add? A trip to the local nursery is likely to provide more questions than answers. You will see many […]

Tree Care & Maintenance Tips for the Fall

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Depending on how you feel about the summer heat here around Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region, you may be happy to see the fall season arrive – or you may be sad to see summer go. Either way, you will need to be sure to pay careful attention to the needs of your trees at […]

How to Care for Trees

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If you have used landscaping trees to improve the look of your property, you already know just how many benefits they can bring to a space. Depending on the kinds of trees used, you may gain shade, color, privacy, and even fruit. Of course, like any other living thing you plant on your property, trees […]