Five Winter Landscaping Preparation Tips

garden with mulch
In the wintertime here in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region, it is easy to forget about your landscaping. You have plenty of other things to do, and nothing is growing out there anyway, right? Well – it’s not quite that simple. Sure, winter isn’t exactly prime time for gardening and other landscaping activities, but you can’t forget about it entirely, either.

To lay the groundwork for a successful winter, and an easy transition back into the growing season next spring, consider the five tips we have listed below.

Get Everything Trimmed Up

This is the perfect time of year to do all of that trimming you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Most of the shrubs and hedges that you have on your property can be trimmed, as well as the perennial plants you may feature. Pruning is a skill that you will improve with practice, so proceed with care at first until you get the hang of it. While you do want to cut it back and get ready for the next growing season, you don’t want to cut so deeply that you wind up damaging the plant.

General Clean Up

Once the leaves have fallen, take some time to rake them all up and have them hauled away (or turn them into mulch). Not only will this help your property to have a neat and tidy look, but it will also allow the ground underneath to get the air and sunlight it needs. For instance, if your leaves are piled up on the lawn, the grass beneath may wind up damaged as a result. With timely cleanup, you can avoid any problems and get another step closer to being ready for next spring.

Mulch is Important

With cold weather coming, it’s a good idea to freshen up your mulch to the depth of an inch or two. This will basically act like a layer of insulation, helping the plant’s roots stay warm enough to avoid damage on those frigid winter nights. While mulch is a good thing for the roots of a tree or plant, it can cause trouble if it is piled up right against the trunk or base. Try to spread your mulch along the ground while leaving at least a bit of space around the actual base of the plant.

An Equipment Review

Now that your lawn mower and other equipment are not receiving a regular workout, it’s a good time to review their condition and give them any maintenance or repair that may be necessary. You don’t want to get started in the spring only to find that some of your equipment needs to be brought back up to working condition. Do that work now so you can hit the ground running in a few months’ time.

A Thorough Weeding

Most gardeners like to put off weeding for as long as possible, but it needs to be done at some point. Since there won’t be much of any growth for the next few months, now is a good time to do your weeding properly and clear out all of your beds nicely. You will thank yourself in the spring when you aren’t starting out behind the game.