Winter Landscaping Tips – How to Add Texture & Beauty to Your Yard

landscaping in snow
With winter closing in, there isn’t much to do in the garden except look forward to spring – right?

No! There is plenty to do, and by performing some simple tasks you can set yourself up for a great growing season when warmer temperatures return. Not only that, you can make your landscape a bit more enjoyable during the winter, rather than allowing it to look barren and empty. If you’d like to take a few minutes to read through the tips below, you just may come away motivated and ready to slide your gloves on and get back out in the garden.

Think About Berries

It’s hard to find color in the winter with regard to gardening, but berries can be one way to make that happen. If you pick out berries which thrive in your area, they just may go strong through the fall and into the winter, providing a bit more contrast than you would otherwise enjoy during the cold months.

Not Just Plants

It’s easy to focus on the plants that make up your landscaping, and for good reason. During the growing months, they are beautiful, and add much in the way of enjoyment and relaxation to your property. When they stop growing for a while, however, you are forced to turn to your hardscape for enjoyment. That might mean something like a bench or an arbor to add variety and interest to the yard. Of course, when spring and summer do roll back around, you can continue to enjoy these additions along with your beautiful plants.

Evergreens are a Great Option

There is something important that you need to remember about evergreens – they aren’t all green! You can get evergreens in a variety of shades, so you can do wonders for your landscape by picking out plants that are going to be more than just branches during the winter season. Just as was the case with the point above on hardscapes, you can also get plenty of enjoyment out of your evergreens during the growing season, as they will make for a nice anchor that you can use as a starting point for the rest of your planting.

Trees Can Still Be Pretty

A tree dropping all of its leaves in the fall doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore throughout the winter and into the spring. Some trees have interesting bark patterns and colors, which you’ll be able to see more easily once the leaves are gone. As you pick out trees to add to your landscape, focus on the bark and try to select at least one or two which you think will be a nice addition to your winter landscape.

For someone who loves to garden, winter does not have to be the dreaded season. Sure, you may not get quite the same enjoyment from your gardening in the winter as you do in the spring and summer, but there is still work to be done. With a good plan and the right attitude, enjoying your landscape can be a year-round activity.